2018 In Review

2018 has FINALLY come to an end and I, for one, am very relieved about it. This has been the hardest year I’ve experienced in a while, for more reasons than one, so I’m not at all sad to be leaving it in the past and starting anew in 2019. (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking along this wavelength.)

However, I couldn’t let the year end without doing a full round-up of everything it entailed. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, 2018 was definitely a rollercoaster of a year, and I can’t wait to officially bid it farewell.

Best Movie of 2018: Black Panther

I actually managed to see quite a few movies this year, with my favourite being Black Panther. This surprised me, given how tired I’ve grown of the Marvel Character Universe. Not only was the storyline captivating, but the special effects were AMAZING and I loved the way the film looked.

Best Book of 2018: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark – Michelle McNamara

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is the only book I read that was released in 2018, and while it wasn’t my favourite of the year, it definitely is pretty high on my list. If you’ve followed this blog or looked at my social media, then you’ll know I’ve decided to dive into my interest in true crime, and Michelle McNamara’s book is one of the best in the genre.

Best TV Show of 2018: RuPaul’s Drag Race

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, and it’s fast become one of my favourite TV shows. I’m currently going through the seasons available on Netflix, then I plan to delve into the All Stars series!

Best Live Show of 2018: Tour of Mythicality

In November, I attended Rhett & Link’s Tour of Mythicality and it was by far the best live show I attended this year. I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages, and it was exciting to finally see my favourite YouTubers in person.

Favourite YouTube Channel of 2018: jacksfilms

I’ve been subscribed to Jack for a few years now, but this year I found he released some of his best content to date. Whether it be YIAY, JackAsk or the random videos he uploads from time to time, his channel never fails to make me laugh and I constantly find myself turning to his videos whenever I need cheering up.

Favourite YouTube Video of 2018: ANXIOUS – Hazel Hayes

I first watched Hazel’s ANXIOUS when it premiered at Buffer Festival 2018 and I couldn’t believe how on the nose she described my own thoughts and feelings when it comes to anxiety. It’s as if she read my mind and turned everything I’ve been going through over the past year into what I can only describe as a piece of art.

Biggest Achievement of 2018: Graduating university

While it took longer than I thought, as I needed to take a year off to enter treatment for anorexia and then take two part-time years to make sure I didn’t relapse due to stress, but I finally graduated university! Anyone who knows me in real life knows how much of an accomplishment this is for me, given my health struggles and the fact I was close to dropping during my final two years. (My motivation simply vanished.)

Biggest Struggle of 2018: My anxiety

For reasons I’m still trying to understand, my anxiety came back in a big way this year and it’s something I’ve been struggling with since around May or June. As a result, I’ve spent the majority of this year having to deal with panic and anxiety attacks, as well as a further lack of sleep. (Which I didn’t know was possible, considering how little I slept to begin with.)

Biggest Regret of 2018: Letting my anxiety affect me the way it has

Related to the above point, as a result of my increased anxiety, I held off doing a lot of things I wanted to this year. I’ve let my anxiety dictate a lot this year and it’s kept me from living, and that’s something I deeply regret because I know I missed out on quite a bit.

Highlight of 2018: Buffer Festival 2018

Buffer Festival is always a highlight of each year, but I really got a lot out of it this time around. This was the first year I was able to attend the full event, and I made sure to take notes, observe and have the time of my life. It reminded me of how much I love writing and covering events, and made me realize I’m pursuing the right career path for myself.

Favourite TenEighty Article: Riyadh Khalaf Discusses Creators For Change Documentary

I’ve written over 100 articles for TenEighty this year and my favourite is definitely the News Bite I wrote up about Riyadh’s recent documentary. I loved getting the chance to talk to him and it’s always interesting to pick his brain!

Did I keep my New Year’s resolutions?

Yes… And no. Out of the 10 resolutions I set for myself at the beginning of the year, I was only able to keep about three. (Ouch.) While I became more organized, went to the movies more and definitely saw an improvement in my writing, I failed to keep the rest of them. Here’s to me keeping my 2019 resolutions!

CMF xx

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One thought on “2018 In Review

  1. Rachel says:

    I love this format of year in review, very streamlined other than paragraphs and paragraphs of text I’m seeing. I live for RuPaul’s Drag Race and have seen a few of them live, so fun! I too had a really massive struggle with mental illness, the stress leading up to finishing my degree and post-graduate depression of what to do with my life now, being in school for 20-odd years… I hope we can both find what we need! x


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